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Zibster Websites are the Fastest in the World!

Faster than Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress and all the rest – Zibster is the #1 fastest website builder on the planet, perfectly optimized to deliver the ultimate experience for businesses online. See the difference and build your best site at the speed of light.


Over 2x Faster Than Wix, Squarespace and WordPress

Our team performed hundreds of tests on real live websites built using the world's most popular platforms. Using Google PageSpeed tools – the authority on speed and mobile usability – we tracked performance for photographer websites of all kinds. The bottom line? No other builder comes close. Zibster is #1 in the world!

Perfectly Optimized

Google puts a premium on speed, so we built Zibster to be the fastest, most mobile friendly platform on the planet. Streamlined code, effortless image handling, and weightless designs give you superior SEO at lightning fast speeds. Zibster is the platform of choice for small businesses around the world to grow and achieve the best possible rank on Google.